The Beer Machine

Enjoy fresh, chilled bar-quality draught beer in your home.

Why choose PerfectDraft?

PerfectDraft offers the best home drinking experience.

About Perfect Draft Machine

Bring draft home

Share the good times at home with friends and family.


Always quality

The beer is chilled to a constant 3ºC, and keeps the beer carbonated and fresh for 30 days.


A world of beer

Enjoy more than 35 beers on PerfectDraft. A hoppy IPA, a Belgian classic, a crisp lager and more.


For every occasion

A cosy night in. The big game. Beers with mates. PerfectDraft for all occasions.

4 steps to put good times on tap.

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Get your beer machine. PerfectDraft and you, a perfect match.
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Choose your beer style. There are more than 35 beers from around the world to try.
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The ritual. The pour. The perfect glassware.
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Finished a keg? Send back your empties and get a returns incentive.
Get a machine!

We use returnable kegs to minimize environmental impact.

The PerfectDraft beer machine

Home draught tap dispenser

Suitable for 6-litre kegs. Integrated draught cooling 3°C, LED display and drip tray.

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  • Anti-breakage packaging
    Anti-breakage packaging

  • Goose Island
  • Budweiser
  • Leffe
  • Jupiler
  • Ginette
  • Stella Artois
  • Becks
  • Tiny Rebel
  • Hoegaarden

Explore our full range of PerfectDraft Kegs

Different styles. Different stories.
Discover and shop for more than 35 different premium beers on tap.

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A closer look at the PerfectDraft Machine

Hover on the touchpoint to find out more about the features and parts of the PerfectDraft machine

Hygienic installation, tube delivered with each new keg

All parts touching beer are renewed with every new keg, ensuring a hygienic experience and high-quality beer. The Philips tap unit requires only surface cleaning.

LCD display with temperature, volume and freshness indication

The temperature indicator shows you when your beer is at the ideal drinking temperature of 3°C. The volume level indicator shows you how much beer is left in the keg. The beer freshness indicator shows you how long your beer will remain fresh.

Removable dishwasher proof drip tray.

The proof drip tray can be simply removed and either hand-washed or put into to a dishwasher for ease.

PerfectDraft Support

Do you want to get the most out of your new PerfectDraft Beer Machine? Register it here and get access to exclusive content, new release updates, promotions and more!

The PerfectDraft Beer Machine pulls a maximum power of 70 watts, which is less than your TV. And you cannot drink your TV.

PerfectDraft requires a voltage of 220-240 V on a 50/60 Hz net. Standard stuff.

The PerfectDraft Machine has a width of 286 mm, a depth of 493 mm and a height of 444 mm, including the handle. We guarantee the Beer Machine fits in any kitchen or man cave, just throw out your coffee machine. And with a weight of 8320 grams, you can take it with you on picnics, road trips or your next trip to Lloret Del Mar. 

No one likes reading stuff so we recommend watching the instruction video on the home page. But if you like to see the manual, click here!

The beer is cooled within 12 hours at room temperature (23 °C) to a chill 3°C. We recommend throwing out anything occupying space in your refridgerator and pre-cooling a keg so the optimum drinking temperature is reached much faster. The Beer Machine should not be operated at temperatures higher than 32°C, but then again, no one should be working when it's that hot.

A PerfectDraft machine should only bring you joy and happiness. It's our priority to give you the best quality beer at any time. If something would not go as planned, with the machines, beers or more, let us know at

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