The Beer Machine

Enjoy fresh, chilled bar-quality draught beer in your home.

Why choose PerfectDraft?

PerfectDraft offers the best home drinking experience.

About Perfect Draft Machine

Bring draft home

Share the good times at home with friends and family.


Always quality

The beer is chilled to a constant 3ºC, and keeps the beer carbonated and fresh for 30 days.


A world of beer

Enjoy more than 35 beers on PerfectDraft. A hoppy IPA, a Belgian classic, a crisp lager and more.


For every occasion

A cosy night in. The big game. Beers with mates. PerfectDraft for all occasions.

4 steps to put good times on tap.

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Get your beer machine. PerfectDraft and you, a perfect match.
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Choose your beer style. There are more than 35 beers from around the world to try.
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The ritual. The pour. The perfect glassware.
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Finished a keg? Send back your empties and get a returns incentive.
Get a machine!

We use returnable kegs to minimize environmental impact.

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The PerfectDraft beer machine

Home draught tap dispenser

Suitable for 6-litre kegs. Integrated draught cooling 3°C, LED display and drip tray.

Buy the PerfectDraft machine

Buy PerfectDraft with these starter bundles.

Select one of our party packs limited offers and get two kegs:

  • Free delivery
    Free delivery on orders over £50
  • Anti-breakage packaging
    Anti-breakage packaging

  • Goose Island
  • Budweiser
  • Leffe
  • Jupiler
  • Ginette
  • Stella Artois
  • Becks
  • Tiny Rebel
  • Hoegaarden

Explore our full range of PerfectDraft Kegs

Different styles. Different stories.
Discover and shop for more than 35 different premium beers on tap.

  • Stella Artois 6-litre PerfectDraft Keg
    6 Litre PerfectDraft Keg
  • Leffe Blonde 6-litre PerfectDraft Keg
    6 Litre PerfectDraft Keg
  • Tripel Karmeliet 6-litre PerfectDraft Keg
    6 Litre PerfectDraft Keg
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