Everything you need to know about PD

Everything you need to know about PerfectDraft... and probably a few things you really couldn't care less about. Yes, it's FAQ time

Everything you need to know about PerfectDraft... and probably a few things you really couldn't care less about. Yes, it's FAQ time

PerfectDraft FAQs

What is PerfectDraft?
PerfectDraft is a counter-top machine that serves bar quality beer. A 6-litre (10.5-pint) is inserted into the unit and cooled to a constant 3ºC. Then simply pour the perfect draught beer.

How long does beer keep?
Beer keeps fresh for 30 days. A counter on the machine automatically counts down every day from 30.

Temperature control on PerfectDraft

What temperature does it keep the beer?
PerfectDraft maintains the temperature at a steady 3ºC. From room temperature, a keg will take around 12 hours to cool to 3ºC. Kegs can be cooled in the fridge first. Fridge temperature is usually 6ºC. An LED indicator tells you the temperature of the beer.

How much does it hold?
Each keg holds six litres, that’s around ten and a half pints. The machine has an LED indicator showing how much beer is left, so you can get the next keg ready.

Is it easy to change the kegs?
Very! Simply remove the cap from the keg and click in the tap unit. A new hygienic tube comes with each keg. Feed the tube into the tap unit and click it into the machine. Wait till it cools and pour beer!

Attaching tap unit to new keg on PerfectDraft

Does it need much cleaning?
Every part that touches beer – that's the tube – is renewed with every keg. We recommend rinsing the tap unit every time you change the keg. Everything else just needs surface cleaning. The drip tray can be put in the dishwasher.

What’s included in the box?
Philips PerfectDraft Machine
Drip tray
Tap unit & handle
2 x magnetic medallions for tap handle
Cleaning brush

Is it noisy?
The machine is very quiet, but there is a noise just after pouring beer. That’s the machine maintaining pressure. This also happens briefly when not pouring beer to maintain pressure.

Can I customise my machine?
Yes! The tap handle has a removable magnetic medallion, that can be swapped for others. Medallions are available at beerhawk.co.uk and other places on the internet. We’ve also seen skins that cover the chrome parts of the machine.

Customisable magnetic medallion on PerfectDraft

Are there different models of machine?
There is just one machine. The model number changes every year, but that’s just a technicality. Older machines had a slightly different drip tray.  

Do the kegs fit any other machine?
No, you need the Phillips PerfectDraft machine to use the kegs.

How much space do you need?
Including the drip tray and the tap handle, the machine measures:
Width 28.6cm
Height: 44.4cm
Depth: 49.3cm
Phillips recommends leaving a 10cm space around the machine.

Can I swap kegs before I finish them?
Yes, it’s easy to swap kegs. We recommend, however, keeping the same keg in the machine until it is finished. If you do swap the keg, be sure to drink it within the 30 days from when it was opened. They’ll stay fresh when chilled for 30 days.


More than 35 beers are available for PerfectDraft

Which beers can I get?
There are more than 35 beers to choose, from breweries around the world. New beers are added all the time. The range includes Belgian classics, crisp lagers, craft beers, hoppy IPAs and German wheat beers. Breweries include Leffe, Budweiser, Becks, Tiny Rebel, Spaten, Hoegaarden, Kwak and Stella Artois. A full list is below.

Where can I get the kegs from?
In the UK, the kegs can be ordered from Beer Hawk. It offers next day delivery. They usually cost between £27.50 and £35.
In France, you can order your beer through Saveur Bière.
In Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany, order through Hopt

What do I do with the kegs?
We want them back! Beer Hawk offers a free posting service – just box them up and take them to one of the many CollectPlus drop off points. They’ll even give you £5 of Beer Tokens towards your next beer as an incentive. Find out more here.
Saveur Bière offers a free posting service for at least three kegs. You’ll get a €5 refund for each keg. Find out more here.

For more information about all international keg returns, click here.  

Go on then, what's the full list...
Bass Pale Ale
Becks Gold 
Birra del Borgo LISA
Cervezas La Virgen Madrid Lager
Cervezas La Virgen 360
Diekirch Premium
Diekirch Christmas  
Diekirch Grand Cru 
Franziskaner Weissbier  
Ginette Organic Lager  
Goose Island Midway  
Goose Island IPA 
Hertog Jan Pilsner
Hoegaarden White
Hoegaarden Rosée 
Leffe Amber 
Leffe Blonde 
Leffe Brune  
Leffe Noel 
Leffe Rituel 9 
Leffe Royale Cascade IPA  
Leffe Ruby 
Lowenbrau Oktoberfest  
Port Bay Pale Ale 
Spaten Oktoberfest 
Stella Artois 
Tiny Rebel Cali Pale Ale
Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana 
Thornbridge Jaipur
Thornbridge AM:PM
Tripel Karmeliet 

Already have a machine? For more technical FAQs, click here.   


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