What's in the PerfectDraft box?

Thinking about introducing a PerfectDraft beer machine to your home? Here's what you'll find in the box. Just add beer

Thinking about introducing a PerfectDraft machine to your home? Here's what you'll find in the box. Just add beer

Inside, you’ll find: 

  • A tap handle
  • A beer tap unit 
  • A PerfectDraft machine with plug
  • A drip tray
  • A cleaning brush
  • A virtual hug from Team PerfectDraft

Here’s a closer look at what you get. 

A weighty, precisely engineered tap handle with a chrome finish. It also comes with two magnetic PerfectDraft Medallions. A quick internet for ‘PerfectDraft Medallions’ will reveal a wide range of options. They are also available from beerhawk.co.uk. (You’ll also find skins, and flexi magnets available too.)

Picture: Chrome tap handle with magnetic medallion

The beer tap unit, sometimes known as a crane, connects the beer to the keg. The shiny end is the tap and the rear clicks into a beer keg and then into the machine. It’s durable, hygienic and easy-to-clean. It effortlessly clicks into the keg and then into the machine, taking a matter of seconds to pop a new keg in. 

PerfectDraft tap unitPicture: The front of the tap unit. The tap handle twists into the top. 

Picture: The rear of the PerfectDraft tap unit that goes into the machine. 

The perfect pour is another blog post, and let’s be honest… there will be spillages. This handsome drip tray (words I never thought I’d never put together) is has a chrome top with an easy to clean plastic tray. It’s all dishwasher proof. 

PefectDraft drip tray Picture: Drip tray for PerfectDraft machine. 

The PerfectDraft machine is designed to be easy-to-clean. There’s a new pipe with each keg minimising the need to clean anything. This little brush is used to clean the grill. An old toothbrush works just as well. 

Cleaning brush for PerfectDraft machinePicture: You know, for cleaning. 

This elegant counter-top machine (measuring 28.6cm (w), 44.4cm (h), 49.3cm (d)) is designed for one thing: pouring a perfect beer in your home. Open the two doors, click in the keg with the beer tap unit attached, and snap shut the doors again. Plug in the machine and it’ll flicker into life, take the temperature of the beer in the keg and check how full it is. It will then automatically chill the beer to a steady 3ºC. 

PerfectDraft machine set upPicture: Your PerfectDraft machine all set up.  

Although you can’t see it in the box, you’ll feel it, maybe. It’s a hug of appreciation, it’s a welcome to the community, it’s a drop of human kindness to go with a drop of amazing beer. Welcome to PerfectDraft. 


Interested? Here's where to pick up your machine.

In the UK: Beer Hawk 
In France: Saveur Bière 
In the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy: Hopt


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