Chilled, fresh and ready when you are...

The ultimate in-home beer experience.

Chilled to an optimal 3ºc and always ready.

Enjoy more than 40 of your favourite beers, poured by you, at home.

  • The Machine

    This precisely-engineered machine cools 6-litre kegs to a stead 3ºC and keeps beer fresh for 30 days. The perfect pour, by you.

  • The Kegs

    IPAs, Lagers, Blondes, Pilsners – experience over 40 of your favourite beers at home the way the brewer intended.

  • Accessorise

    Complete the experience with branded glassware and accessories.

  • Rewards

    Return your used kegs for £5 credit towards your next order.

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What customers are saying


Took a bit of time to get round to pulling the trigger on purchasing this but now I have it I'm delighted I did. Fresh poured pints at 3 degrees just like the pub!


Bought this for my husband for Father’s Day from the kids! Fan bloody tastic.. Best gadget in the house wonderful to have a freshly pulled lager. Stella in a Stella glass 100% like a lager on holidays in the sun.


I received the PerfectDraft as a birthday present and I couldn’t be happier. There's no better feeling like pouring your own pint at home.