Setting up your PerfectDraft machine couldn’t be easier. Just follow this guide and you’ll be pouring a beer in no time.

1/ Find the perfect spot
This handsome counter-top machine will sit on a kitchen counter or on a home bar. We recommend that you leave a 10cm space around the machine. 

2/ Attach tap handle and drip tray
Sit the chrome top on the drip tray. It fit snugly under the machine. Then take the weighty tap handle and twist it gently into the tap unit. Then you can attach your magnetic medallion to the top. Medallions for your favourite beer can be found online. 

How to set up PerfectDraftHow to set up PerfectDraft
Click the tap unit into the PerfectDraft keg

3/ Prepare the keg
Remove the plastic protection cap from the keg. Also attached is the hygienic tube connector. Run the tap unit under a running tap. If it’s sticky from beer, use a spot of washing up liquid and rinse thoroughly.

4/ Click on tap unit
Push the tap unit onto the keg and click into place on both sides making sure the release buttons stick out equally on both sides. If you can move the arm easily it’s properly attached. 

5/ Insert the tube 
Rinse the tube that came with the keg, and insert it in the tap body. Slide the tube connector into the opening of the tap unit with a click. 

How to set up PerfectDraftHow to set up PerfectDraft
A clean tube comes with every keg. Insert into the tap unit and it's the only part that touches beer.

6/ Place the keg in the machine
Open the doors of the machine by releasing the button. Lift the two blue locking levers and tilt the keg slightly towards you and place on the cooling plate. Push down the blue levers. Close the doors. 

Click the keg into the PerfectDraft machine
“Get a glass, open the tap and pour yourself a perfect draught beer.”
— How to set up PerfectDraft

7/ Cool the keg
In the machine, a keg will take between 8-12 hours to cool down. Pop it in the fridge first to cool it down to around 6ºC

8/ Drink beer
Get a glass, open the tap and pour yourself a perfect draught beer. 

The perfect draught