Hold a Wunder-Bar Oktoberfest with PerfectDraft

Oktoberfest in Bavaria is cancelled. But PerfectDraft is bringing the world's biggest beer party to your home.  

With the help of German comedian Henning Wehn, we're offering everything you need to hold the perfect Oktoberfest. 

We've got the beer, the PerfectDraft machine, the steins, the flags, the bunting, the playlist, the pretzels, salami AND A REAL GERMAN. 

Ya, we're also offering the chance for a German from Chemnitz (Manchester's twinned city) to join you for a live lesson on how to do Oktoberfest properly. 

Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit – "A toast to cheer and good times."

How it works

What is available? 

We have everything available to create your ultimate Wunder-Bar at home. There are a selection of PerfectDraft bundles on offer: 

Wunder-Bar bundle

1 x PerfectDraft machine
1 x Löwenbräu stein
1 x Spaten stein
1 x Löwenbräu Oktoberfest 6-litre keg
1 x Spaten Oktoberfest 6-litre keg
2 x beer coasters

Súper Wunder-Bar extras

  • Salami wheel
  • Pretzl making kit
  • Official Oktoberfest flag
  • Official Oktoberfest chalkboard
  • Official Oktoberfest banner
  • Official Oktoberfest bunting

And a German! 

Ya, if you really want the full experience, enter yourself to be joined by a German for a 20-minute video conference with an Oktoberfest fanatic. 

There are 30 slots up for grabs over the weekend of October 9-11. They'll dial in, explain how you pour the perfect stein, show you some Oktoberfest customs and have a drink with you!

We'll even supply the music

Each bundle sold will come with a link to the ultimate Oktoberfest playlist too. 

Manchester + Chemnitz + Oktoberfest = Wunder-Bar

Chemnitz is sometimes called "the Saxon Manchester". It's is located in Saxonia and shares a similar industrial heritage with Manchester. Since 1983, the two cities have been twinned and is the foundation for a vivid exchange of culture and sports between the two cities.

With you, PerfectDraft is celebrating the inclusive nature of Oktoberfest by bringing people from the two cities together, providing further cultural exchange opportunities.

That's why we've found beer lovers in Chemnitz to join you for your Oktoberfest celebration.