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The Wunder-Bar Oktoberfest PerfectDraft Bundle

Oktoberfest in Bavaria is cancelled. But PerfectDraft is bringing the world's biggest beer party to your home.  This bundle includes all you need to hold your very own Oktoberfest celebration. 

  • PerfectDraft machine
  • Official Munich Oktoberfest beers
  • Official Löwenbräu stein
  • Official Spaten stien

Bundle includes: 

1 x PerfectDraft machine
1 x Löwenbräu Oktoberfest 6-litre keg
1 x Spaten Oktoberfest 6-litre keg
1 x Löwenbräu stein
1 x Spaten stein
2 x beer coasters


PerfectDraft is an all-in-one machine that serves the best beer you’ll get at home.

Using easy-to-use technology, PerfectDraft chills six-litre kegs down to 3º, ready to be served. There are dozens of beers to choose from, whether that’s a Belgian classic or a crisp lager, a hoppy IPA or a refreshing wheat beer. Beer stays fresh for 30 days.


Spaten Oktoberfest is only brewed in spring for the Oktoberfest fair in autumn. It is stronger than the original beer. It is malty with a light sweetness, but full-bodied and a gentle hop bitterness. 

Löwenbräu Oktoberfest is lightly sweet and moderately bitter, this refreshing beer is still brewed in the traditional Bavarian methods.


How to invite a German to your party!

That's right, we're offering 15 people the chance to connect with a German beer lover from Chemnitz, Manchester's twinned city. At an appointed time on the weekend of October 9-11, we'll get someone to call via video link to join your party. For 20 minutes they'll share a beer with you, teach you the perfect pour and answer questions about Oktoberfest traditions in Saxon Chemnitz. They're nice people, we've met them. All you need to do is email with a good reason why you'd like them to join and the number of people you think you'll have at your celebration. 


Beer Colour

Deep gold

Pale ales, American pale ales and Belgian strong pales, are all often described as deep gold and has a malty body.

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PerfectDraft Wunder-Bar Bundle

Special Price £306.80 Regular Price £327.89
  • PerfectDraft machine
  • Official Munich Oktoberfest beers
  • Official Löwenbräu stein
  • Official Spaten stien
  • Oktoberfest Beer Magnet
More than 40 beers available
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