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United Kingdom


3.5 - 6%


This is the beer that launched Camden Town Brewery, Jasper (Camden’s founder) decided to brew a lager he wanted to drink in the basement of the Horseshoe pub  in Hampstead. It turns out a lot more people wanted to drink this beer as well!

It’s a marriage of two iconic German beer styles, Helles & Pilsner and it is a marriage made in heaven. Crisp, refreshing and just the perfect amount of dryness to make you come back for more.

It’s 4.6%, using Perle and Hallertauer Traditional hops for a clean hop profile. Stick that on top of a pure Pilsner malt grain bill and you are in for the best of both Helles and Pils. They even smashed the names together to get Hells… Clever huh?

Must be used in conjunction with the PerfectDraft Machine

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Beer Colour

Deep gold

Pale ales, American pale ales and Belgian strong pales, are all often described as deep gold and has a malty body.

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