Beer Style





3.5 - 6%


  • A lager-like beer that is clean, while being dark and malty.
  • The only Altbier on PerfectDraft.
  • Brewery founded on the Lower Rhine in 1878.

Until recently, the German altbier from the Lower Rhine seemed an almost lost style, outside the motherland at least. Fortunately, the craft beer world recognised the rich flavours and complexity of this copper-coloured beer. It is characteristically crisp and clear tasting, almost lager-like, and, frankly, delicious.

Altbier is top-fermented like ales, unlike lagers that are bottom-fermented. However, like lagers, it is stored at cool temperatures. This method gives the beer some fruitiness. Hence the ‘alternative’ in the name.  

Beer Colour

Medium amber

Traditional British beers such as bitter, ESB, Märzen and darker IPAs that use a lot of malt.

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