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Beer Style

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3.5 - 6%


  • A 4% organic fruit beer.
  • A vivid red body and fluffy pink head.
  • Sharp raspberry and blackcurrant notes.

Ginette has been brewing certified organic beers since 2009, with all their brewing ingredients coming from sustainable agriculture.

The creation of Brasserie Ginette, an independent artisanal brewery from the picturesque Belgian city of Ghent, Ginette Natural Fruit is a fruit beer that's bursting with vibrant fruit notes.

Behind the vivid red body and fluffy pink head, Ginette Natural Fruit harbours sweet-and-sour tones that evoke fruits of the forest, with sharp raspberry and blackcurrant notes that cut through the sweetness to close with a perfectly light hops bitterness.

Beer Colour

Pale gold

Usually the colour of light and crisp beers, such as pilsner lager and Belgian witbiers.

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