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Beer Style

Pale ales and IPAs


United States


3.5 - 6%


  • A 4.1% light pale ale, with a full hop character.
  • From one of America’s classic craft breweries.
  • Crowd-pleaser for craft beer lovers and lager-lovers as well.

Chicago-based Goose Island designed this beer to be a ‘go-to’, have more than one, easy-drinking IPA. Floral and citrus aromas lead to a slightly sweet caramel malt character, plenty of citrus from the generous use of Amarillo hops and well-balanced bitterness. 

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, yeast, hops. 

Beer Colour

Deep gold

Pale ales, American pale ales and Belgian strong pales, are all often described as deep gold and has a malty body.

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