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< 3.5%


  • A sweet, 3% fruit witbier.
  • Low in alcohol, high in fruitiness, a perfect light summer beer.

Hoegaarden Rosée is light and pours a pale shade of pink. It has a delicate hint of raspberries and a sweet, slightly jammy fruit quality.

Did you know: Legend has it (and legend always does), is that when the villagers in Hoegaarden ran out of beer glasses they began drinking out of jam jars, apparently the leftover fruit only added to the flavour! This old tale inspired Hoegaarden to create this delightful twist on their famous weissbier. 

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat, fruit juice concentrates minimum 12% (of which 48% raspberry, sugar, citric acid, raspberry flavour, hop, coriander seeds, natural orange peel, Acesulfame K, sweetener.

Beer Colour

Medium amber

Traditional British beers such as bitter, ESB, Märzen and darker IPAs that use a lot of malt.

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