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Beer Style

Belgian ales




6% +


  • A quintessential Belgian Strong Ale.
  • An 8.4% classic from a brewery older than Belgium itself.
  • A whopping 91 on RateBeer.

Full-bodied, the Bosteels Kwak is a quintessential Belgian Strong Ale. Starting out slightly bitter it quickly turns sweeter with flavours of caramel and bread and subtle hints of alcohol (which is no surprise at 8.4% ABV!). It is crystal clear and richly flavoured.

Bosteels brewery is older than the Belgian state itself, with a history reaching back to 1791. This family-owned brewery in the heart of Flanders has been brewing without interruption in the same location ever since and is currently under the leadership of the 7th generation, Mr. Antoine Bosteels.

Did you know: The satisfying Kwak is famous for its branded glass which is held upright in its own wooden stand. 

Beer Colour

Amber brown

Rich, malty beers, and often higher in alcohol. Double IPAs, amber ales, and Dunkels.

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