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3.5 - 6%


  • A 5% crisp and clean lager.
  • The first lager from Leffe.
  • Leffe is one of the world’s most recognisable Belgian beers.

Leffe La Légère is a clean crisp lager, perfect for the sun.

Leffe La Légère is the latest beer from Leffe and, in a first for the brewery, it is a bottom-fermented lager. It is designed to be clean, crisp perfect for the sun, but those who know Leffe will recognise the flavour is unmistakably from the Abbey brewery. The sweet taste from the yeast draws through, with a hint of smooth fruitiness. Yet for all that, there is a lovely dry finish that keeps you sipping on.

Beer Colour

Pale gold

Usually the colour of light and crisp beers, such as pilsner lager and Belgian witbiers.

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