Beer Style

Pale ales and IPAs


3.5 - 6%


Heed the call from House Mikkeller! Here’s a House Stark reminder that Summer is coming… Well it’s already here and with it comes a HBO Game of Thrones collab, forged in the brewing halls of House Mikkeller which is packed full of incredible hop flavours and aromas!

Oh and did we mention Direwolf Brigade Pale Ale is exclusively on PerfectDraft!

At 4% ABV, Direwolf Brigade uses Merkur, Simcoe and Citra hops to bring aromas of pine and citrus, and the hoppy flavours of pineapple, grapefruit, tropical fruits and citrus kicks which you come to expect from a Mikkeller juicy pale. Throw that on top of a grain bill of Maris Otter and Pale Malt and you’ge got yourself a perfectly balanced beer chock full of flavour.

Beer Colour

Pale amber

Beers have a solid malt backbone but are light and drinkable. Found in English golden ales, weissbier and Vienna lagers.

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