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Using easy-to-use technology, PerfectDraft chills six-litre kegs down to 3º, ready to be served. There are dozens of beers to choose from, whether that’s a Belgian classic or a crisp lager, a hoppy IPA or a refreshing wheat beer. Beer stays fresh for 30 days. With this exclusive keg bundle, you can enjoy fresh, draught Orchard Pig Reveller at the perfect temperature… All in the comfort of your own home.

Orchard Pig Reveller 6L Keg

Orchard Pig Reveller is a true celebration of the West Country! Using 100% West Country bittersweet apples, it’s absolutely packed with the aroma and flavour of apples. It perfectly balances bitter sweet with bitter sharp to create a crisp, refreshing cider to be enjoyed year round.

“More apples, less bubbles” is the ethos of Orchard Pig, so Reveller is a gently sparkling cider with lower carbonation that other ciders on the market. The reason for this is to create a more consistent pint. One that doesn’t lose that initial fizz as you enjoy it. It also makes it perfect for food pairing as less gas means more room for grub!

On the pour you will see a lightly sparkling, golden cider without the usual head you would find on a pint of beer. You will be able to smell the apples as soon as you start pouring and the taste finishes with a lime tanginess.NB: Receive 100 beer tokens worth £5 for every keg returned to Beer Hawk. Instructions on how to return your kegs here.

View full range of PerfectDraft Bundles. Each bundle contains a keg machine, 6L beer keg, and two beer glasses.


PerfectDraft Keg Machine Benefits

  • More than 40 beers available on PerfectDraft
  • Easy to set up, change kegs and maintain
  • Precise engineering using quality materials and cutting-edge technology
  • Free empty keg return scheme - get £5 of credit for each empty keg returned!
  • Eco-friendly - return kegs and receive £5 credit towards your next purchase!
  • Limited supply - only 1 bundle per order


PerfectDraft Orchard Pig Reveller Cider Starter Bundle