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United Kingdom


3.5 - 6%


The NEW PerfectDraft® Pro machine - the perfect pour just got smarter.

PerfectDraft® Pro brings the ultimate beer experience to your home with all-new game-changing features including variable temperature control from 0°C - 12°C, app connectivity, fast cooling, a smoother pour, and improved temperature stability on the warmest of days.

Through the PerfectDraft app, PerfectDraft® Pro also gives you total control to serve the perfect pour. All from the palm of your hand.

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Fresh, draught Tennent's Lager - All in the comfort of your own home.

Tennent's clean and refreshingly crisp finish have ensured it's maintained its popularity through the years as Scotland's best selling pint... And now you can enjoy it in your own home bar!

View the full range of PerfectDraft Pro Bundles. Each bundle contains a keg machine, 6L beer keg, and two beer glasses.

Beer Colour


Usually the colour of light and crisp beers, such as pilsner lager and Belgian witbiers.

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PerfectDraft Pro Tennent's Lager Starter Bundle

Special Price £370.90 Regular Price £420.90

1 x PerfectDraft Pro machine

1 x Tennent's Lager 6L Keg

2 x Tennent's Pint Glasses

More than 40 beers available
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