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3.5 - 6%


  • The number one selling Belgian beer worldwide.
  • Heritage dating back to 1366.
  • Brewed with the finest European Saaz hops.

The number one selling Belgian beer worldwide, Stella Artois has a rich heritage dating back to 1366 in Leuven, Belgium, and is today the gold-standard of quality in over 80 countries.

The art and science of enjoying Stella Artois extends from the finest ingredients to the exacting 9-step pouring ritual, to the specially crafted chalice in which it is best served.

Only through using expertly balanced malted barley, the finest European Saaz hops, and classic brewing methods can our Stella Artois brewmasters create such a superior golden elixir that simply must be savoured.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, maize, hops, yeast

Beer Colour


Usually the colour of light and crisp beers, such as pilsner lager and Belgian witbiers.

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